Solea® Laser

When it comes to the latest advances in the dental field, our dentist and team strive to remain at the forefront. Dr. Clayton M. Hansen has therefore invested in the Solea® laser, a leading-edge tool that allows our team to deliver exceptional treatment and results — all without making half your mouth numb! Call to schedule your appointment with our team and see how the Solea laser in American Fork, Utah, can make your next appointment comfortable, quick and painless.

The Solea laser is a revolutionary technology from Convergent Dental and is advanced enough to be used for both soft and hard tissues. Its computer-aided CO2 laser system improves treatment results, procedure accuracy, and patient comfort, making it invaluable to our mission to provide you with an optimal experience.

The Solea laser’s advanced wavelength and versatile design permit use in a variety of treatments, including removal of decay from a tooth and gum reshaping. The laser’s cutting speed and other functions can be managed using a foot pedal and computer controls, allowing our dentist to stay in control during the procedure and maintain precision and accuracy. Due to this enhanced accuracy, your procedure completed with the Solea laser can be anesthesia-, blood-, suture-, and pain-free.

Benefits of the Solea laser include:

  • Enhanced comfort — Anesthesia is often not needed for procedures performed with the Solea laser.
  • Faster treatment — The advanced wavelength allows quicker and even quieter treatment than other lasers or manual tools provide.
  • Greater precision — Our dentist and team have improved control of the Solea laser over other lasers or manual tools, enhancing the accuracy of treatment and results.
  • Multi-quadrant treatment — Due to the Solea’s laser speed and efficiency, our dentist can treat all affected areas of your mouth in just one visit, meaning you do not need to return for multiple visits to target one specific area of the mouth each time.

Aerosol & Splatter Reduction

According to multiple lab studies, the Solea laser can reduce the amount of aerosols and splatter from dental procedures by up to 99.9%, making it a much safer and cleaner alternative over traditional dental handpieces. Because the Solea laser uses less water flow and air pressure and makes incisions without any contact, the aerosol production is decreased, which means you and our team members are breathing in fewer droplets, lessening the spread of bacteria or viruses.

No Live Pathogens in Solea Splatter

Live bacteria in generated Solea mist are reduced by 96% compared to traditional dental drills, according to an in vitro study. The transmission of viable pathogens is therefore reduced in Solea splatter, decreasing the likelihood of disease or bacterial spread.

We are committed to making your dental experience with our team a positive and comfortable one! Call to schedule an appointment with our dentist and ask to learn more about what the Solea laser can do for you.