How to Eat When You Have Painful Canker Sores

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If you are experiencing problems when you chew, it can be because of having lost teeth, gum disease or cavities. If this is the case, you will want to see your dentist at American Fork Family Dentist to determine the cause and recommended treatment. Until you can be seen, however, it is a good idea to stick with soft foods to keep up your energy.

But what if the problem is occurring due to canker sores? Because there’s no “cure” for these types of oral sores you can help limit them in your mouth by avoiding certain things that can irritate the tissue. This can arise thanks to spicy foods, acidic foods (pickles) and citrus fruits (lemons, oranges).

To help you reduce irritation until the canker sore heals, stick to bland foods that are cool or room temperature, like the following:

– Dairy foods like milk and cheese
– Vegetables which are cooked, canned or frozen.
– Mashed potatoes that contain milk so that you get a nutritional boost.
– Fruit, cooked or canned. Applesauce is soothing.
– Soft, cooked cereals such as cream of wheat with milk or oatmeal.
– Shredded, cooked meat like chicken, beef or pork.
– Any style of cooked eggs.
– Plain peanut butter (no chunks)
– Cooked soup

Healing can be expedited by focusing on protein foods. You can boost your protein intake during this time by adding protein powder to smoothies or milkshakes or powdered dry milk to boost your soups or mashed potatoes.

If you have any concerns about sores in your mouth or pain while chewing, we encourage you to schedule a checkup with our dentists by calling 801-756-2809 today. Dr. Clayton M. Hansen and our team are ready to assist you with your oral health in American Fork, Utah.