Got Tooth Decay Questions? We’re Happy to Help

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Tooth decay is a scary and even confusing dental issue that can result in many people having questions. If you’re one of these people, our dentist, Dr. Clayton M. Hansen, is here to help you. In order to give you the answers you need, they is happy to provide the answers to commonly asked questions about tooth decay in American Fork, Utah.

What causes a cavity?

Plaque is the number one cause of cavities. Plaque is the white, nearly invisible film that clings to the teeth and harms the enamel. It usually develops when bacteria collect the sugars and carbohydrates from the foods you eat and then turn them into acid plaque. If your teeth aren’t strong enough to resist the threats, cavities can be created.

What are the ways to treat a cavity?

If the cavity is small and simple, a dental filling can be used. If the cavity is more complex, a dental crown can be used. If the cavity has infected the internal structures of the tooth, a root canal treatment can be used. Lastly, if the decay has affected and destroyed the majority of the tooth, tooth extraction is necessary.

What happens if I don’t get a cavity treated quickly?

Referring to the second question, major consequences could occur if you do not treat a cavity when you first notice it. In fact, you would suffer severe pain and need more invasive dental treatments as the cavity continues to grow and spread. Ignoring a cavity could also result in the complete loss of the tooth. Lastly, the cavity could affect more than one tooth, especially if the cavity is in a crevice of your smile (between two teeth).

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