Toothbrush Trivia Facts

How frequently do you use your toothbrush? Hopefully it’s at least two times a day. You may have looked at it so many times, though, that you hardly even think about it anymore. They might just be an object that you’ve seen every day, probably since you can remember. You may even think you know all there is about your... read more »

Oral Health Toothbrushing Tips for the Holiday Season

What is the greatest gift you plan to give this holiday season? Beyond gifts that can be wrapped or cooked, it is important to remember how valuable the gift of your smile can be. Your smile can warm up rooms and hearts far greater than your average consumable gifts, so it is important to keep your smile at its best.... read more »

6 Ways to Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

Today our team is going to give you six ways you can care for your toothbrush at home to help keep your teeth healthy and clean for years to come. Rinse your toothbrush immediately after brushing. This will help remove any remaining toothpaste, food or saliva that tends to linger after brushing your teeth. When you are finished brushing and... read more »