If You Answer “Yes” to These Questions, a Dental Bridge May Be Right for You

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If you are ready to make this year the year that you achieve successful oral health, we invite you to consider your options for smile repair and enhancement. One of the highly effective ways to restore missing teeth is to use a dental bridge to fill the empty spaces in your mouth. This can prevent issues such as gum destabilization and drifting teeth, as well as any other problems you may experience as a result of missing or lost teeth.

It’s important that you replace missing teeth quickly after tooth loss with a custom-made dental restoration–for example, a dental bridge. A dental bridge may be right for you if you find yourself answering “yes” to the following circumstances:

– Are you interested in receiving an extremely efficient method of smile aesthetics following the loss of a tooth?
– Do you find chewing or eating food to be more difficult after tooth loss?
– Has your speech been affected by missing teeth and now requires improvement?
– Do you recognize the importance of replacing missing teeth and improving your bite stability?
– Would you like to regain your smile’s natural appearance following the loss of a tooth?
– Would you be interested in resolving tooth slippage and other dental ailments with a dental bridge?
– Do you need to address any issues of tooth decay or gum destabilization because of missing teeth?

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