Dental Fillings Can Save Your Smile

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Dental fillings can save your smile. If tooth decay has eroded your enamel, a hole may have appeared in one of your teeth called a cavity. In order to prevent infection and tooth loss, the cavity must be mended with a dental filling – either a dental amalgam or tooth-colored compound. Here are some facts about the two main types of dental fillings:

– Dental amalgams are a combination of metals that leave a distinct metallic shine. Composite fillings are a combination of clearer ingredients that leave a tooth-colored shine.
– The bigger a cavity is, the more likelihood there is of requiring a dental amalgam. Composite fillings tend to work best only for small to medium-sized cavities.
– Only dental amalgams require removal when replacing them. New composite fillings can be coated directly over the originals.
– If you are allergic to mercury, avoid dental amalgams, as mercury is used as a binding agent.

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