Common Symptoms of Oral Cancer

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Most people are aware of the dangers oral cancer poses to them, and the risk factors known to cause oral cancer, such as smoking. Less common knowledge is that oral cancer can happen to any part of the mouth, including the tongue, lips, and cheek.

It’s great to know that there are many warning signs to help you detect oral cancer early on. For example, having something that feels like a canker sore and refuses to go away is one of the early signs. Also, you may notice lumps in the mouth, including lips and gums. White or red patches, unexplained bleeding from your mouth, bad breath, weight loss, and trouble speaking or chewing are also common symptoms. You may notice pain in the ear, a change in your voice, and also a sore throat as well.

It’s possible for your doctor to notice these signs during a regular examination. This is why scheduling bi-yearly visits is important, so that any symptoms can be discovered early on. Once your cleaning is completed by our team, Dr. Clayton M. Hansen will come in to inspect your mouth using a glove, specialized light, or a dye.

Please note that just because something is found during a visit doesn’t mean it is cancerous. We will run tests on the issue and keep you updated on what you should do.

Please schedule regular cleaning in American Fork, Utah, with Dr. Clayton M. Hansen today by calling 801-756-2809. We look forward to your visit!