Simple Steps to Safely Remove Something Stuck Between Two Teeth

The spaces between your teeth are often tight and small, yet there are still some instances when a small piece of food or fiber can become trapped between one or two teeth. Sometimes this can cause pressure, discomfort, or pain. In an instance such as this, Dr. offers these key insights to safely remove the… Read more »

Helpful Tips to Combat Cavities and Gum Disease

If you are looking to protect your teeth and gums from the dangers that can present themselves, it is important to always practice safe and effective oral health care habits that combat the effects of cavities and gum disease. Tooth decay, which eventually causes cavities, is caused by bacteria in the buildup of plaque around… Read more »

Why Fluoride Is Your Ally

At in , we encourage our patients to understand the importance of fluoride when it comes to protecting those pearly whites, for yourself and for your family. Dr. and our team want to give you a quick overview of how important fluoride is to a healthy smile. Why Fluoride? Because dental caries (cavities) are the… Read more »

A Professional Dental Whitening Treatment Can Brighten a Dull, Stained Smile

A smile dulled by deep stains can leave you feeling uncomfortable about your appearance. Many people find that deeply stained tooth enamel cannot be fully whitened by whitening toothpaste or strips. In a situation like this, only the professional dental whitening treatment offered by your dentist, Dr. [doctor _name], can completely eradicate these stains. The… Read more »

Oral Health Toothbrushing Tips for the Holiday Season

What is the greatest gift you plan to give this holiday season? Beyond gifts that can be wrapped or cooked, it is important to remember how valuable the gift of your smile can be. Your smile can warm up rooms and hearts far greater than your average consumable gifts, so it is important to keep… Read more »

Gum Treatments for Your Smile Health

Gum disease afflicts 64.7 million Americans, and essentially, it is an infection of gum tissue, which can cause tooth loss if left untreated. This common disease can also increase one’s risk for diabetes and heart disease since the inflammation releases harmful bacteria throughout your body. Treating periodontal disease is easy in the early stages and… Read more »

Those Articles That Say You Don’t Need to Floss Are Wrong

Several years ago, several sensational articles began circulating the internet claiming that there was no longer a need to floss, according to one particular scientific study. This study was an analysis of many others that were done over the years. As it compared the different studies, it concluded that in general, when done normally, does… Read more »

The Many Benefits of Getting Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are often thought of as a quick-fix to a beautiful smile. Braces can, over time, turn your own teeth into a much more beautifully aligned version, but at the cost of over the course of months or years. Veneers, on the other hand, can give you fantastic results in no time at all…. Read more »

Oral Health 101

Taking care of your teeth are a vital part of your overall health. Too often it is overlooked and disregarded until serious damage or tooth loss occurs. That is why here in , , we take your oral care very seriously. Here at we take pride in giving you the best dental care possible and… Read more »

The Material Used for a Filling Will Be Largely Determined by the Tooth’s Location and Function

Here at , our team commonly uses fillings to repair small to medium-sized areas of tooth decay. The material used will be largely determined by the tooth’s primary function in your mouth, the location of the cavity, and the filling’s visibility in your smile. Composite fillings are made from a resin material that can be… Read more »