Amalgam and Composite Dental Fillings and Their Uses

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Are you curious about the uses of dental fillings and why they might be recommended for your smile? At American Fork Family Dentist, we offer amalgam and composite dental restorations as a highly common treatment option for tooth damage and cavities. The benefits you can enjoy depend on the different types of dental fillings that you may receive. Below we have provided the different uses of amalgam and composite dental fillings and how they enhance oral health:

– Can provide a long-lasting repair for small cavities on any teeth

– May restore the full potential of your bite force (chewing teeth often receive the stronger amalgam fillings, while the front biting teeth are ideal for tooth-colored dental fillings)

– Enabling you to enjoy natural-looking results on a damaged tooth (composites)

– Quickly improving the look and quality of a tooth, often in a single visit

– Often enduring up to 12-15 years with proper care to benefit your smile for a long time

– Can repair tooth damage without subjecting you to expensive dental treatment

– Fillings may enhance an unflattering tooth (composites) or increasing the strength of a weakened tooth (amalgams)

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